Your Own Personal and Vital Work Enhancement Relaxation Video


"Amulets and Talismans", text by DonnaKova Dauser is ready - ask about getting your copy.

BREATHE..... Length: 25 Minutes
Musical Background: Bass Clarinet, Flute, Sea and Mother Nature
Each Copy: $23.95 Includes ALL costs (postage, handling, etc.)

For You Targets: Relaxation, Melting Moods, Unwinding after work and commute, excellent for group meditation and healing "warm ups", Prep for Yoga, Artist's Way Journal Work, Creative/Fantasy experiences, Solar Return and Lunar Return Experiences, and your Spiritual trip. The PERFECT Gift for Friends, Support Group and Yourself.

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West Coast Magazine
P. O. Box 3384
San Rafael CA 94912 USA

FAX & Phone (510)793-3483

BREATHE is a 23 minute journey into the beauty and magic around us. A guided meditation video tape.

Our daily existence and demands sometimes prevent us from see the simple beauty in our journey which begins with the act of breathing. Breathing in and breathing out, like receiving and giving, allowing us back to ourselves to appreciate and experience the fullness of life.

This video tape is designed to slow us down from our daily pace so that we can experience the connections in life; to bring us back to the center of our being; to remind us to schedule time to simply be.

It is our hope that you, the viewer, experience your whole being; listen to your center of peace and quietness; to hear your divine voice.

Breathe... can be used to set the tone for group meetings and provide the energy for productive and clear focus. It can also be used to introduce the benefits of meditation and to unwind from the day.

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